Diane Cox Workshop "Artful Women" September 11-13 2017 - Singing heART Studios

Diane Cox Workshop "Artful Women" September 11-13 2017

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Diane Cox trained originally as a primary school teacher.
and has been hooking for 23 years. She has always loved textiles. She has sewn and stitched her entire life.
Diane uses recycled fabrics because the environment is very important to her and most fabric still goes to landfill sites. She emphasizes that it is nice to do what our female ancestors did and reuse and purpose unwanted garments.
Women's lives, history, and the part played by textiles in their lives are subjects dear to her heart. The way our lives are bound by threads linking us to the past, to our forebears, and the stories passed down through the generations....all of these influence her rugs.
Elevating rug-making from a craft to an art form in other people's eyes is also important to her! We all know it is an art form, but many still think of it as " women's work/ craftwork/ a hobby".
The healing power of sitting with a group of women, and the way rug-hooking can empower women, giving them self esteem and self belief, and the way it forges bonds and friendships ..... All are priceless and wonderful.

"Artful Women"

This is a 3 day workshop based around the female figure, in which you will create your own artwork, and then translate it into a rug.
We will use collage to create our designs, and learn how to incorporate other elements, such as stitch and applique, into our rugs to give them more depth, meaning, and originality.
You do not have to be able to draw, and no art experience is necessary! That is the beauty of it!
It will be a relaxed and creative few days, with the emphasis on exploration, fun and a free approach.

Workshop Dates

September 11-13, 2017 10:00 - 4:00 

Workshop Includes Tea, Coffee, Treats.  A list of materials to bring will be provided by email by mid August. Some materials will be sold at our Boutique.