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Do you have your cup-o-tea poured yet? Sit down and hear the yarn about our week past. Perhaps I should talk about what is coming too so you might know where we will be and what fun we are having.

This week we had the beautiful and brilliant Meryl Cook come to visit with us at Singing heART Studios Boutique.  Meryl has just done a series of beautiful rugs as part of her healing mats while recovering from Breast Cancer this past year.  Her Rug Hooking is stunning, her sense of colour is divine, and her ability to capture your attention while she tells her story will give you goose bumps all day long. Meryl has been weaving her way around Ontario and some of the East Coast of Canada sharing her story of inspiration and healing through speaking opportunities and workshops at Guilds, Libraries, Rug Hooking Boutiques, and in healing places and spaces. In addition to showing us her inspirational healing mats, Meryl signed and sold copies of her book One Loop at a Time. not to worry if you didn't get in she has managed to leave a few more signed copies at our boutique.  We will also be selling copies in our online store. Thank you for everyone who came to visit with us and to welcome Meryl.

"One Loop at a Time" by Meryl Cook

Click Here to purchase One Loop at a Time

Meryl and I had the pleasure of spending a little more time together than with all of you. First up she purchased Nuts for You Necklace from our FairyChild Artist Emily Fiander. There is a picture of her wearing one, Just in case you want to have one yourself, we sell them at the Boutique, and we will soon have them available in our online store too. I wanted her to know that Orillia is working very hard on building a community of Artists that are supporting each other and that talent is in abundance.  We took a walk down Missassaga Street and popped into Wind Spirit where I was able to introduce her to Dale the owner of the store. Reiki was something they had in common. Next up we went into my favorite wee gallery Peter Street Fine Arts Gallery where Meryl was able to meet our Brian, and see the stunning work of the 12 plus 1 artists this month. If you have never been there it's worth the visit. We finally landed at Brewery Bay Restaurant where Meryl and I chatted about Rug Hooking, family, and possible opportunities to have her teach at our Boutique in the coming year. You will have to stay tuned for that coming news. Our Mayor Steve Clark came to our table and had the opportunity to meet Meryl, and she him. Mayor Clark was interested in what we were doing bringing all the new visitors to our little Town of Orillia.  He let me know that he would love to say hello at our next little event with an out of town speaker or visitors. What a wonderful little community we have in Downtown Orillia, it's a great spot to come and play for the day, or even three of five. 

Speaking of staying for three or five days. Have you seen that you can now register for the Singing heArt Studios Boutique Workshops for Diane Cox in September 2017 or Rachelle Leblanc in October 2018.  Registrations are filling up so please be sure to hop into our online store and purchase your registered space.  

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