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How very exciting to finally have a functional Website.  These are all signs we are growing older here at the Studio and Boutique.

What does that mean?  Once upon a time there was a very extroverted, bubbly, whimsical Teacher and Fibre Artist  (that would be me Charlene) that decided to start her renewed career path with a philosophy to "do what makes her heART sing". During that time she embraced skills she had acquired through her arts based education including Fibre and Performance Art, along with her life experiences and learning in Education, Art, Craft, Performance and her passions for Canadian Artists, the local Arts communities in Orillia, and Newfoundland. Through all of this she opened a studio called Singing heART Studios, and in December 2017 it grew to a Boutique store on the main Street of Downtown Orillia.

25 Mississaga St E. Unit 5 is the home of Singing heART Studios Boutique. The sign over the door entrance says "Enter with a Happy heART". When you leave you will see a sign that says "Play Everyday". Based on the expressions of those who have come through our door since December we think we might add a couple of more signs that say something like "Welcome to Narnia", or "Beware of the faeries", or even "Platform 9 and 3/4".  What does this mean?  Its a magical place.

When I say Singing heART Studios is a Magical Place, it is a place where people come to enjoy the Art of local and Canadian Artists. A place to play and create, and to learn.  It is a place to support the local Artists who sell at our Boutique, to help local Farmers who create Fibre for the Market, a place to develop your imagination and get lost in the fun of having tea and creating. 

Tea with Charlene is my next dream.  A dream to create a show called Tea with Charlene, where all these thoughts, ideas, and pieces of whimsy become a part of everyone's world. There is so much more to come so please check in on a regular basis.  Add your email information to receive updates about upcoming workshops, events, openings, and new delicious yarns and fibre, patterns, rug hooking wool, Country Chic paints,teas, and local honey. Please be patient as I challenge my brain in the adding and developing of product here on the pages. Come play with me at our new boutique, located in Downtown Orillia just above a yummy Shop called Patileros stop in and get your coffee fix there or get some goodies to share with the fairies. Remember to play everyday, do what makes your heART Sing and always enter everywhere with a happy heART .

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